We provide high quality service with low prices:

Because we are a dry cleaning plant & all cleaning done in the premise, we can provide individual attention to each garment that it deserves. Our customers get wholesale price and better quality then depot that provides alteration service or serve as pickup drop-off location.
Mens Shirt
Launder & Press:        $1.60

Dry Clean & Press:      $4.00

Jackets (Blazers)
Dry Clean & Press:      $6.00 & up

2 Piece Suit
Dry Clean & Press:      $10.00 & up

Dry Clean & Press:      $4.00

Dry Clean & Press:      $4.00

Spot Clean, Dry Clean
& Press:                        $7.00 & up

Winter Coat
Dry Clean & Press:     $13.00 & up

Duvet /Comforter        $15.95 & up

Duvet Cover                 $12.95

Dry Clean & Press:             $10.00 & up

Rugs / Carpet               $1.49 per sq.ft.

We also clean Shoes, Purses, Drapes and Leather items. 

Note: Fancy, Beaded, Pleated and Special care garments with extra cost. Press only pricing will be 70% of regular price.
Alteration PRICING

We provide high quality alteration service with low prices on premise:

Pant Shortening:            $5.00 

Pant Tapering:                 $13.00 & up

Pant Waist (In / Out):    $9.00 & up

Pant Zipper:                      $7.00 & up
(Fixing or new)

Blazer Sleeves :      $20.00 & up

Alteration in most cases is customized work. Some times work may not be worth the cost and we may recommend to buy new one instead. We provide honest opinion so that you can decide what is best for you.
Same Day Service

We do provide Same day cleaning service:

Same Day Service available at 50% additional charge then our regular price. Some restrictions apply.
Pick up - Drop Off PRICING

We are in the process of starting Pick up-Drop off service: Please text us your contact information at 647-745-6186. We will pick up your clothes and drop them off at your convenience. (Min order of $50.00)

Pick up - Drop Off Service available at flat $12.00 for now in 5 kms radius. We will pick up your clothes and drop them off once they are ready.